Aussie Aths COVID-19 Protocols

The following safety protocols apply for the resumption of Aussie Aths sessions following the three-step plan announced by National Cabinet on Friday 8th May to ease the current restrictions in place as a result of COVID-19, and based upon the subsequent Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment as well as Sport Australia’s Return to Sport Toolkit.

Conduct of any sporting activity in a COVID-19 environment is subject to regulations of Federal, State/Territory and/or Local Public Health Authorities, which may change at short notice. In addition, school or venue specific regulations may also apply. All operators must maintain awareness of the evolving COVID-19 environment and align current practices with all regulations in place, and with participant and community safety at the forefront of all decisions.


Prior to recommencing activities and as an ongoing responsibility, Aussie Aths will play an active role in educating our participants and audiences about COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Messaging about social distancing and the required behaviours (e.g. regular and thorough handwashing, covering mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve during coughing / sneezing).
  • Promoting Australian Government and WHO resources
  • Recommending download of the Australian Government COVID-19 contact tracing app (COVIDSafe).
  • Establishing, advising and enforcing specific hygiene and behavioural practices for Aussie Aths session (e.g. no sharing of water bottles or other equipment)

Program Delivery

In the initial return to activity phase, the following processes and rules will be implemented across all Aussie Aths sessions, in line with community sport regulations:

  • Sessions will be capped at 20 to meet local regulations (20 permitted from 1 June in VIC and from 12 June in Qld) and where group sessions are held simultaneously, the different age groups will be physically separated into different zones at the venue and with a different coach for each age group.
  • Activities will be delivered in a manner to enable physical distancing of 1.5 metres between participants. This may include, for example:
    • using every second lane on a marked track, or utilising cones or other markers to spread out participants
    • using verbal cues for participants to commence a drill / run to ensure required gaps and avoid participants running in the slipstream of others
  • All activities will be non-contact (e.g. no tag style games).
  • Cleaning protocols will be implemented with equipment washed and disinfected prior to each session commencing.
  • Equipment use will be minimised, as follows:
    • No equipment will be shared or passed between participants – e.g. relay batons
    • Equipment such as field markers, agility hurdles, ladders, sticks etc will be set up, re-set and packed down by the coach with participants asked not to touch any of the equipment
    • Where some activities require athletes to touch equipment (e.g. hoops for throwing), each athlete will use only their designated piece/s of equipment (most likely colour-delineated). They will not pick up any equipment used by another athlete. At the end of the activity the athlete who used the equipment can retrieve their own equipment. Athletes will use hand sanitiser post-use; coaches will wipe down with sanitiser wipes post-use.
  • Communal and/or indoor facilities at Aussie Aths venues will be off limits for all participants,  with the exception of toilets.
  • A record of all attendees will be strictly maintained by the coaches, and all participants must be pre-registered in the class via the online portal at or directly with Aussie Aths HQ (E: or T: 03 9822 7116) for return participants.

Participant Requirements

  • Do not send your child to a session if they are unwell – this includes if they have a temperature, cold, cough or any other signs of ill health; or if they have had contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.
  • Parents are requested to discuss participant requirements with their children in advance of the sessions in an age-appropriate manner, covering the importance of following the coach instructions, maintaining social distancing and refraining from physical contact with others (no handshakes, hugs, high-fives etc.).
  • Drinking from public fountains is prohibited, as is sharing drink bottles, so please send your child to sessions with their water bottle.
  • Parents or other people who remain at the sessions are required to keep a reasonable distance from the activity, and where practical, remain in their car. If you would like to chat to the coach, we encourage you to phone ahead of or after the session.
  • All participants will be asked to sanitise hands on arrival and prior to departure from the venue.
  • ‘Get in, train and get out’ – toilet stops before leaving home and being dressed and prepared for training prior to arrival at the venue will minimise the need to use change rooms, bathrooms, etc.

Additional venue specific details:

The Southport School

  • Parents not allowed on the oval – please drop-off at the top or bottom of the stairs 
  • Coaches will walk boys from Reception and Year 1 to their classrooms and handover to  TSS staff
  • Boys from Year 2 and older will be dismissed at the top of the stairs by the coaches
  • No spectators are allowed to watch training

Toorak College

  • The coach will collect all students from Wardle House at the start of the session, as per previous; but will also return all students to Wardle House at the conclusion of the session.
  • Parent pick up will be from the front of the school.

Coach contacts:

  • Aussie Aths Boroondara: Nick Bowden – 0407 552 784
  • Aussie Aths Mornington: Alistair Tait – 0434 679 395
  • Aussie Aths Gold Coast North: Sharon Hannan – 0411 454 840