1. Athletics is an outdoor sport and subject to variable weather conditions, year-round.
  1. Participants should wear sportswear and coverage suitable to the weather conditions – including sunscreen and hats in summer and warm clothes and wet weather gear in winter.
  1. Participants should bring a water bottle to all sessions, regardless of weather conditions.
  1. Aussie Aths sessions will run as scheduled in all weather conditions including in the rain, unless it is dangerous to do so; for example in extreme weather conditions such as hail, lightening or electrical storms.
  1. The ultimate decision for cancellation rests with the Aussie Aths coach who will consider the health and safety of the participants as the priority.
  1. On extremely hot, windy or rainy days, modified training sessions may be delivered or the duration of training sessions may be shortened at the discretion of Aussie Aths coaches. Parents should check in with the supervising coach upon their arrival at the session, as they drop off their child and prior to departing the venue.
  1. In the event of any ‘act of God’ conditions causing a cancellation of any Aussie Aths session/s, we will text participants ahead of the session start time. The applicable portion of participants enrolment fee is not transferable or refundable. Aussie Aths coaches may offer a make-up session if this is manageable within the constraints of the program schedule, but this is not guaranteed.