Aussies Aths is developed to be specific for the developmental ages and abilities of children, with three Aussie Aths programs that provide age-appropriate activities for Aussie kids.

Aussie Aths Active

The name says it all.

Designed specifically for Preps to grade 2 kids, Aussie Aths Active gets kids moving and teaches Aussie kids the fundamentals of athletics.

This program is not about races, results and records. Just a whole lot of fun as we teach the ABCs of movement – agility, balance, coordination and speed – all based around athletics – the core of all sports.

We deliver a positive experience for all kids, so they want to come back for more!

Aussie Aths Accelerate

Aussie kids want to get fitter and faster as they get older and Aussie Aths Accelerate helps make that happen.  Building on the Aussie Aths Active program, Accelerate is designed for Aussie Kids in grades 3-6.

It’s all based around running, jumping and throwing and age-appropriate skill progression. There are increases in the volume, while continuing to improve the quality of movement. The focus is on skills that support continued athletic development for all sports.

Aussie Aths Academy

By the time Aussie kids reach the end of primary school, they expect a little more, so the Aussie Aths Academy for kids in grades 6, 7 and 8 is designed specifically for their growing bodies.

This is an extension program that moves from ‘learning to train’ to ‘training to train’. Participants improve their understanding of how physical capacity is developed – beyond improvements related directly to growth – and how these areas can continue to be improved. There is an increased focus on athletic development for all sports, with individuals given greater autonomy in their training, based on their particular interests, needs and skills.

Aussie Aths Academy assists kids with their sporting performance, injury prevention and understanding of fitness and conditioning.